Heard around the design community from Rod’s peers and clients

“Rod Berg was instrumental in developing my career. From resume and portfolio review to his wealth of contacts in the industry, he consistently presented great opportunities to me. He is proactive, innovative and has a great understanding of positions that would be a good fit.”

– jennifer

art director

target corporation

“I interviewed at both Sephora and Carnegie Hall this week. I got the job at Sephora and I accepted their offer. I wanted to thank you for being so incredibly helpful, I really appreciate it. I'm going to go celebrate!”

– monica

packaging designer


“Hey, Rod. So they called me and offered me the position and I said, ‘I ACCEPT!!!’ He goes, ‘wait and hear about it before you accept’ and I said, ‘I ACCEPT!!’ It was funny. Thank you so much for your help. I am sooooo grateful!! So. THANK YOU.”

– drew

business analyst

target corporation

"I have known Rod for more than a few years—in fact, Rod is one of the reasons I was asked to join the Adjunct Staff at Parsons a few years ago. Rod has always been a very solid resource for young, talented designers. In the realm of coaching, Rod seems to really be on his game."

– rodney

Principal Consultant

Stormhouse Partners

Adjunct Professor

Parsons the New School for Design

"During my time at Parsons, Rod was an invaluable asset to the students in the Communication Design department and to me as Chair. After I left Parsons, I witnessed his expertise and effectiveness from the other side. He's calm, clear-headed, intelligent, and most talented. I recommend him wholeheartedly."

– charles nix

owner, scott & nix inc.

Former chairman, communication design parsons

the new school for design

“Rod, you are amazing! You have helped me tremendously and it is very much appreciated.”

– kristy


new york city

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your help. In such a small way and such a BIG way you have changed my life.”

– nina

graphic designer

Brand Buzz, Division of Young & Rubicam

“Rod is my DESIGN ANGEL! Before I met him I was very frustrated and upset with my own job search and had been unsuccessfully trying to find a job for a few years. It is indescribable how much he assisted me, with my resume, with my confidence and coaching me on all aspects of the process. I would not be here if not for his patience and assistance. For that, I give thanks.”

– sarah

web designer

the united nations, news services

“I just received a great phone call from Target! They have extended an offer for me to join their design team as an assistant textile designer in the women's lingerie/hosiery department! It’s amazing to think about how much I have learned from your guidance, connections and portfolio feedback! Thank you so much for all of your help.”

– caroline

textile designer

target corporation

“A few years after graduation, I went to Rod seeking advice on new opportunities in the field. When I met with him, not only did he understand exactly what I was looking for, but he also knew where and how to find it. His guidance has been an invaluable resource for helping me fulfill my professional aspirations."

– abagail

web developer

the united nations,
global teaching and learning project

"Rod is a great career advisor and an inspiring mentor. He is constantly up to date with the design industry, making him a great resource. He understands what designers are looking for. I can always rely on Rod to connect me with the right people."

– charmaine

art director

dead as we know it

"Rod helped to place me in a junior designer position. He really listened and took an interest in my portfolio, my growth in my career, and my long-term goals, and helped find a job that was best for me. Over the years, he has kept me in mind for new positions that might be good fits for me. He was a pleasure to work with and a great resource, I plan to work with him again when I'm ready to move on."

– jeff

graphic designer

financial dynamics

“I just wanted to let you know that I accepted a position at Calvin Klein as a Graphic Designer. So thank you, thank you, thank you for everything... none of it would be possible without your help!!!”

– eva

graphic designer

calvin klein